Open Questions

These are a few questions we’ve been thinking through lately. We hope they offer a new challenge for you, as they have for us.

Can we envision open licensing options that are more inclusive?

  • How can we work towards a world where CC-BY doesn’t yield the appropriation and/or theft of ideas from scholars from historically underrepresented groups?
  • Can open function in ways that are not appropriative? If so, how do we create foundations that ensure this?
  • How might we suppress technology and education’s inclination to participate in neo-colonialism?

How can we shape pedagogical practices that are open and critical?

  • What equity issues are implicit in open pedagogy, particularly in the context of public scholarship and student authorship?
  • Can we think beyond accommodating students when they experience discomfort with open licenses and public scholarship to more deeply engage with the reasons why students may experience that?
  • What specific methods or strategies should open educators consider?
  • How can we determine the efficacy of open pedagogical practices through inclusive research?